Videography for Weddings

Videography for weddings

Videography for weddings

Our approach to filming a wedding day

Videography for weddings requires a personalised touch

Videography for weddings has become an integral aspect of modern nuptials, capturing cherished moments and memories in a way that no other medium can. With the advancements in technology and the art of storytelling, professional videographers are able to create stunning visual narratives that capture the essence of the couple's love story and the joy of their special day, providing a timeless memento that will be cherished for years to come.

Our goal is to capture the essence of your wedding day, the emotions, the joy, and the special moments that make your wedding day unforgettable.

From the exchange of vows to the cutting of the cake, videography for weddings offers a unique opportunity to capture the most meaningful moments of this joyous occasion, and preserve them for posterity.

With its ability to artfully weave together various elements of the wedding, videography for weddings has become an indispensable tool for couples seeking to create lasting memories of their nuptial celebrations.

Is videography for weddings necessary if I already have a wedding photographer?

While wedding photography has long been a traditional component of wedding ceremonies, its limitations in capturing the full spectrum of emotions and experiences can be a hindrance to preserving the memories of such a momentous occasion. This is where videography for weddings comes in, offering a more comprehensive and immersive way to capture the atmosphere, emotions, and special moments of a wedding day. From the nervous excitement of the bride and groom getting ready to the heartfelt speeches and dance floor revelries, videography has the power to encapsulate the essence of the day in a way that wedding photography simply cannot. In essence, videography for weddings provides a unique and invaluable way to relive and cherish the memories of one of the most significant days in a couple's life.

videography for weddings

Elements of videography for weddings


pre-wedding consultation for videography at the outset of an inquiry

Upon your initial enquiry we'll schedule a consultation with you to discuss your vision for your wedding video. This is a chance for us to get to know you and understand what you're looking for in a wedding video. We'll talk about your venue, the timeline of events, and any special moments you want us to capture. This ensures that we're on the same page and can deliver a video that meets your expectations.


Unobtrusive filming is a hallmark of expert videography for weddings

A skilled videographer for weddings can seamlessly blend into the background, allowing the couple and their guests to relax and enjoy the day while they capture the candid, authentic moments that make a wedding truly unforgettable.


audio plays a pivotal role in capturing the essence and emotion of a couple's special day

As a wedding videographer, capturing high-quality audio is essential for creating a truly immersive and emotionally resonant wedding video. From the exchange of vows to the heartfelt speeches. We expertly record and blend audio elements to create a cohesive and impactful final product.


Creative filming at weddings is an art form

By incorporating innovative techniques, such as aerial drone footage, videography, and creative camera angles, we can transform a wedding video from a standard documentation of the day to a cinematic masterpiece that captures the spirit and energy of the celebration.


The post-production stage of wedding videography is where the true magic happens

We transform the raw footage into a polished, cohesive final product that captures the essence and emotion of the wedding day. Luxe Wedding Films use advanced software and techniques to seamlessly blend footage, add music and sound effects, and incorporate other elements that bring the video to life.

wedding confetti shot

Keeping things relaxed & straightforward

Our approach to filming your wedding day is all about capturing the essence of your special day in a beautiful and emotional video in the most inconspicuous manner. If you're looking for a videographer for weddings, we'd be delighted to hear from you and learn more about your plans.

Natural Wedding Videographer

discreet wedding filming

Natural Wedding videographer

Capturing your special day with elegance & discretion

Subtlety and grace

BEING A NATURAL wedding videographer is an art form that requires a refined and subtle approach. It involves capturing the magical moments of the day without intruding on the intimate nature of the occasion.

natural wedding videographer

Your wedding day is a special day that you want to remember forever. Capturing those special moments on video is essential to relive those memories again and again. However, having a camera in your face all day can be a bit overwhelming and uncomfortable. That’s why booking a natural wedding videographer with a discreet shooting style is so important. Considering a natural wedding videographer such as Luxe wedding Films will ensure straightforward and non-cringeworthy moments in your wedding video.


We pride ourselves on our discreet shooting style. On the day, our goal is to blend in with the guests and capture those special moments without drawing attention to ourselves. We want you to be able to enjoy your wedding day without feeling like you’re being constantly watched or followed. Let’s face it, having a camera focused on you for a full day isn’t second nature to most of us unless you’re an influencer or celebrity.

One of the many ways in which we work to ensure we are a natural wedding videographer is by dressing appropriately. We arrive in a suit but with no branded uniforms, ensuring that we blend in with your guests. We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves or distract from your special day in any way. Our discreet shooting style extends to how we present ourselves, ensuring that we remain as unobtrusive as possible.

preserving the intimacy

Just because we work as a natural wedding videographer on the wedding day, that doesn’t mean that we won’t capture all of the special moments of your day. We will be there to capture all of the important moments, from getting ready to the first dance and everything in between. We will work with you to ensure that we understand your vision for your wedding day and capture all of the moments that are important to you.

Working as a natural wedding videographer doesn’t mean that we compromise on the quality of our videos either. We use high-quality equipment to ensure that your video is of the best possible quality. Our technical skills and attention to detail mean that your video will be polished and professional, showcasing the best moments of your special day. If you are looking for a natural wedding videographer we’d be delighted to be part of your special day.

natural wedding videographer

contact us for more information

natural wedding videographer

With a focus on professionalism, creativity, and discretion, a skilled natural wedding videographer can document every detail of your special day in a way that is both authentic and visually stunning. By blending in seamlessly with the crowd and using state-of-the-art equipment, a discreet wedding filmmaker can produce a cinematic masterpiece that will be cherished for years to come.

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Luxe Wedding Films

Luxe Wedding Films has been providing couples with beautiful bespoke cinematic wedding films for the past four years with the aim each time of crafting the perfect wedding film which will last for generations to come. Luxe Wedding Films is driven by the thought of preserving such an important memory which will allow for future generations to see and hear that special day time and time again. The idea of also making a visual record of those closest to you is something which also really drives us, be that grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and so on. We have been steadily becoming leading Essex Wedding Videographers. This journey commenced four years ago.

Up until late 2018, all Luxe Wedding Film productions were branded under the former brand, Aaron Compton Videographer. Like most wedding videographers, the journey first began for me in 2014 with the filming of a family members wedding, this was at Spains Hall in Finchingfield, Essex. Shortly after my first wedding it was time for my brother to say his vowels to my now sister-in-law, I grasped at the opportunity and filmed their big day too. With these two weddings under my belt I then had waves of wedding videography enquiries roll in from those close to the newlyweds.

essex wedding videographers

(Above photo taken by recommended supplier EPS Photography)

Over the past four years whilst perfecting my wedding videography skills I have also been awarded various educational qualifications. Firstly a diploma in Creative Media Production followed on by a degree in Digital Television Production at the prestigious Ravensbourne University in London. Whilst studying I continued with my journey to be ranked alongside some of the best Essex Wedding Videographers in the region. My time in education helped prompt me with the technical skills and ability needed to bring visual ideas to life. I was also fortunate enough to work on various television productions and also work on other exciting projects including documentary work – a style which can be found in Luxe Wedding Films work. When the university course came to an end I made the decision to go full-time and make my passion a successful business.

As Essex Wedding Videographers, we have covered a huge array of wedding venues across Essex. In addition to Essex, we have also worked in venues in surrounding counties which include Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, Surrey as well as London. The following list compromises a selection of wedding venues which we have been fortunate enough to work in (you can see some of the featured films by clicking here):

Like many other professional Essex Wedding Videographers, the equipment used in Luxe Wedding Films work has evolved considerably since the humble beginnings. We use some of the latest recording equipment to capture wedding days as best as possible. These include 4K cameras, a range of different audio equipment as well as gimbals to allow creative camera work.  A dedicated editing setup is also used to piece together wedding films.

In 2014, weddings were filmed by just myself, however in 2017 I introduced two videographers to certain packages to allow more flexibility and creativity in both the filming of a wedding day itself as well as the editing of a wedding film. Two wedding videographer packages has helped to deliver even greater wedding films which allow even more creativity. Packages which feature two wedding videographers provide different perspectives throughout the wedding day as well as multiple camera angles during those integral parts of a wedding day such as the wedding ceremony and wedding speeches.

Luxe Wedding Films is on the way to being known as one of the regions most sought-after Essex Wedding Videographers. Each year we are exploring new venues, meeting new couples and creating memories which will last for a life time. We would love to have you and your wedding day be part of our story.

Thorrington Wedding Film

It was a rare occasion that this wedding was only a ten minute car journey from my house. Being a wedding videographer for such a local wedding was great! It was also great to be able to film at a local church of mine which I had not shot at before. As soon as Hannah & Johnny had gotten in touch we immediately began discussing the details of their day. The wedding reception itself was hosted by Hannah’s parents in Tendering which was a extra nice and special touch to an already lovely wedding day. The church ceremony itself took place at Thorrington: St Mary Magdalen Church. The church itself serves the parish in which I actually live in which was quite unique for me.

The wedding film preparations commenced a few days prior to the actual date of the wedding. I had agreed to come and meet Hannah at the wedding venue so that we could make sure I managed to capture some particular camera shots which I knew Hannah was looking for. One being a shot of the gates of the venue opening. We managed to achieve this using my gimbal which provided a nice smooth tracking shot. I prompted Hannah at a specific time to open up the gates which would eventually mean that the shot ended once I had gone through the gates. The shot turned out great and worked very well in their wedding film – a great way to start the film off. Hannah also asked me to capture a ‘Welcome to Thorrington sign which featured in her grandparents wedding video. A wedding videographer always likes to capture these special shots which mean a lot to a couple.

After capturing the above intro shot to the film and sign I made my way to St Mary Magdalen Church so that I could take a look at the church. As the weather was perfect I decided to capture a few establishing shots of the church exteriors whilst it was empty. Unfortunately I was unable to get inside the church but that wasn’t a problem as I had allowed enough time to do this on the wedding day itself.

The wedding day itself soon arrived a couple of days later. A beautiful autumns day was emerging which as a wedding videographer, I was thankful for as it was the same weather as the day in which we captured their intro shot to the wedding film. I arrived with Hannah at approximately 10:00am and spent just over an hour with her and her bridal party. I captured all the usual must have shots including the wedding dress, the morning preparations as well as some additional venue shots. I knew that Hannah was going to arrive to the church in a beautiful wedding car therefore I ensured that I had left enough time to be at the church ready for her arrival.

I arrived at the church and was greeted by the vicar who was going to be taking the service. After being briefed on where I was permitted to place my cameras I captured some additional establishing shots of the church but this time mainly focusing on the interior of the church. After this friends and family soon began to arrive which meant that it was almost time for the formalities of the day to commence. I rigged all of my tripods and microphones inside the church and then took my gimbal outside to be ready for the arrival of Hannah in her wedding car.

As a wedding videographer I have multiple different shots which I find often help to make a wedding film. The arrival of the bride to the church is always one which I do like to try and achieve if a church wedding is on the agenda. I stood outside with Kelsie Low who was providing the wedding photography for the day. Once the car arrived just before heading back into the church I managed to get one last shot before the ceremony of both Hannah and her proud dad.

The service went on for approximately thirty minutes. As always, before we knew it the end of the ceremony had come and Hannah and Johnny were officially husband and wife. They made their exit from the church through a tunnel of confetti. The confetti shot is another shot which I love to capture. All of the movement and happy faces make this a great shot.

Afterwards everyone made their way back to the wedding venue which initiated the cocktail hour. Hannah and Johnny were congratulated by their family and friends and posed for the odd picture here and there. The canapes and celebratory drinks began pouring out of the kitchens. Hannah and Johnny had chosen to have a big group photograph of them with all of their family and friends. There was a cherry picker nearby which Kelsie the photographer was offered to go up in to capture the shot. I managed to capture a unique shot of this enormous cherry picker with all of the family and friends from a distance. After this we took both Hannah & Johnny off for some romantic newlywed shots.

An important part of being a wedding videographer includes capturing the wedding speeches. I began preparing for the wedding speeches after capturing some additional shots of the guests enjoying themselves. The speeches commenced with Hannah’s dad delivering his speech, he came up with quite a creative way to deliver his speech! Johnny then delivered his speech followed by his best man who is his brother.

Once the speeches had concluded the next part of the wedding day was approaching – it was soon time to capture the cake cutting and first dance. Before we did this though myself and Kelsie took the newlyweds for a stroll around the grounds for some last romantic newlywed shots. I managed to get a cinematic gimbal shot of both Hannah and Johnny standing on a beautiful bridge going over a large pond. The day light was beginning to disappear very quickly so we made our way back to the marquee with the rest of the wedding party. It was time for the cake cutting followed on by first dance. The evening reception then truly started after the final formalities of the day were complete. I have no doubt that the party went on until the early hours of the morning!

Congratulations Hannah and Johnny on your lovely wedding day. It was a pleasure to be your wedding videographer. I’m sure we will bump into each other again soon.

Watch their wedding film below:

Photography: Kelsie Low Photography

Videography: Luxe Wedding Films

De Rougemont Manor Wedding Film

A De Rougemont Manor Wedding, a first for us. Located in the borough of Brentwood, a De Rougemont Manor Wedding offers a stunning setting for a beautiful wedding day. We always welcome last minute bookings, and in fact we have had quite the few throughout 2018. This time the bride and groom was the lovely Faye & John. The wedding ceremony itself took place at Saint Paul’s Church of England which is located just outside of Brentwood in Bentley Common. The remainder of the day was a De Rougemont Manor Wedding. We were very excited to be their Wedding Videographer for the day.

Faye and John had chose the Bronze Package for their wedding videography. I made my way to Brentwood in the morning and first made a stop at Saint Paul’s Church of England in order to capture some camera shots of the church in the calmness of the morning. If time is permitting, this is always an ideal time to capture some shots of the church and its grounds whilst it is empty.

The beginning of autumn was apparent with the colours of autumn beginning to show. Trees and shrubs transitioning to different shades of red, yellow and brown. Some signature shots which you will often see in Luxe Wedding Films includes cinematic gimbal shots. I was able to succeed in capturing one of these said shots for the into sequence of the wedding film.

Once I had captured what I had needed to capture at the church I began making my way to De Rougemont Manor which is where Faye was beginning her bridal preparations. I was delighted that Faye and John had chosen to undertake a card reading each on camera. Card readings are always an extra nice touch to a wedding film. I would suggest that card readings are a brilliant touch for a shorter wedding film such as a wedding highlights film. We will ask couples to read the entirety of the card which then gives us leverage on which parts of the reading to use in the film.

Once I had captured morning bridal preparations with Faye and her bridal party, I made my way back to the church where I had just come from. With the Highlights Package, we always aim to arrive at the church at least one hour prior to the brides arrival. This leaves room for additional establishing shots of the church and this also supplies a superb opportunity to capture shots of the cherished family and friends arriving at the wedding.

An additional reason for arriving at the church early is to allow for shots of the groom before the formalities of the day commence. These shots are not posed but captured in their true beauty which usually allows us to also capture the atmosphere of the day. Once all of the cameras were set and microphones placed, I then made my way outwards to the front of the church to capture Faye arriving in her beautiful wedding car.

The ceremony lasted for approximately thirty minutes, after which Faye and John had some photographs taken with their photographer called Josh from Lindrum Photography. I captured some natural shots of their wedding guests embracing the post-ceremony celebrations. Afterwards, me and Josh then captured the confetti shot of the newlyweds. As soon as the confetti shot had been completed we made our way back to the venue for the rest of the De Rougemont Manor Wedding.

Prosecco in addition to other drinks and canapes were served to family and friends whilst we captured some newlywed shots of both John & Faye. After this it was soon time for them to make their entrance as Mr & Mrs for the first time.

The speeches commenced with Faye reading a poem which she had written for John. After this, Faye’s dad delivered a speech followed by John himself and then his best man. The speeches ran for approximately three-quarters of an hour. Not long after the speeches had finished it was time for the cake cutting. We were reminded that summer had now come to an end and before we had realised it the beautiful sunshine outside had disappeared and had been replaced by the dark evening sky.

Once the cake cutting was complete it was almost time for their first dance together as man and wife – however before that it was time for a game of ‘Mr & Mrs’ from the iconic game show. It was a draw!

Many congratulations to Faye & John on their lovely wedding day. It was a privilege to meet this special couple and also a delight to meet their little son. Wishing them a very happy future as a family. I look forward to another De Rougemont Manor Wedding in the future.

Watch their wedding film below:

De Rougemont Manor – a wedding venue in Essex

If you are thinking of getting married in the Essex area, then I would recommend having a look at De Rougemont Manor as a potential wedding venue. It is located just inside Brentwood, Essex. You can find them online at you can also contact them by 01277 226 418 or

DJ: Devoted Events

Flowers: Little Tin Shed

Hair: Carly Williams Bridal Hair Essex

Photography: Lindrum Photography

Venue: De Rougemont Manor

Videography: Luxe Wedding Films

Blackthorpe Barn Wedding Video: August 2018

A pleasure for us to film the wedding of Sian & Lee at Blackthorpe Barn this August. It was our first time producing a Blackthorpe Barn wedding video. The venue itself is located in the heart of Suffolk near Bury St Edmunds.

The day for us commenced at Blackthorpe House which is within the vicinity of Blackthorpe Barn itself. We arrived at around 10:00 in order to allow enough time to cover all of the essentials in the morning and to leave room for us to capture some shots before the wedding ceremony itself at St Mary’s Church in Bury St Edmunds. Blackthorpe House itself provides couples with an excellent choice when it comes to the morning preparations of the wedding – even more, couples can make use of Blackthorpe House as an option for family and friends to crash out at upon the night of the wedding – needless to say this must be booked.

Sian chose to have her hair and makeup station in the conservatory of the house which allowed for some lovely lighting. Final preparations took place in the main bedroom suite upstairs where Sian stepped into her dress.

After getting into her dress, we made our way to the car and headed into Bury St Edmunds for the wedding ceremony. This took place at St Mary’s Church, one of the largest parish churches in England. The church really is stunning and we’d recommend taking a visit should you be in the local area.

The ceremony commenced and included a lovely blend of two readings, hymns in addition to prayers. The vicar, Wendy was incredibly welcoming and made us all feel very comfortable. We hope to return to St Mary’s Church very soon. After around forty minutes the wedding ceremony came to a close and Sian and Lee were pronounced as man and wife. Shortly after this we made our way outside for the confetti shot.

We soon made our way back to Blackthorpe Barn and began capturing shots of the cocktail hour which included their guests having a drink or two in addition to sampling the canapes on offer. We also managed to capture some newlywed shots of both Sian & Lee alongside the fantastic photographer Andy Chambers who we have had the pleasure of working with before.

The time had come for some wedding speeches which signaled that the evening reception was soon to begin. Lee, his mother, his new father-in-law and two best men delivered speeches to us all. Once the speeches were finished we took the opportunity to capture some more newlywed shots outside the barn. After this we made our way back inside for the cake cutting and first dance.

A bouquet toss was conducted after the first dance by Sian which then signaled the start of the party. Many congratulations to both Lee and Sian on their fantastic wedding day. We wish you all the very best for the future and we hope to add another Blackthorpe Barn wedding video to our collection soon.

Watch their wedding film below:

Blackthorpe Barn – a wedding venue in the heart of Suffolk

If you are thinking of getting married in the Suffolk area, then I would recommend having a look at Blackthorpe Barn as a potential wedding venue. It is located within the heart of Suffolk close to Bury St Edmunds. You can contact them by you can also contact them by +44 (0)1359 720350 or

Photographer: Andy Chambers Photography

Venue: Blackthorpe Barn

Videographer: Luxe Wedding Films

Leez Priory Wedding Videos: August 2018

Leez Priory is on the top of my favorite venues list and it was great to be back! Leez Priory history dates back to the 16th Century, therefore there is much more than meets the eye on your first visit. Hidden remains of former parts of the Priory can be spotted amongst the grounds. Leez Priory wedding photos always looking dashing, as do video. Sam & Nicole chose to make Leez Priory their chosen venue for their wedding day, a perfect choice. When they first contacted me I was very excited by the thought of more Leez Priory wedding videos.

The story of how Sam & Nicole met is a lovely one. When Sam was visiting New York City he had no idea that he would meet his future wife in a bar by the Empire State Building. Before they knew it they had fallen deeply in love and their love story was beginning. It was lovely to see that Nicole’s family from the United States came over to witness them exchange vowels and celebrate the special occasion.

Peace and tranquility ran throughout Leez Priory during the morning when we arrived. Leez Priory sat quietly and calmly under glorious sunshine as the preparations for the day began. The weather was on our side and a Leez Priory outside wedding ceremony was confirmed at The Great Tower.

Nicole, her bridesmaids and parents began their preparations in The Fisherman’s Cottage and soon moved into the main house to finish their preparations and for Nicole to get into her stunning wedding dress. Sam and his groomsmen began their preparations in The Granary.

As always, before we knew it, it was time for the wedding ceremony to commence. Family and friends began to gather at The Great Tower of Leez Priory and Nicole’s father proudly escorted his daughter down aisle to the Great Tower.

Sam & Nicole chose to follow traditional British & American traditions during the wedding ceremony and Nicole’s long lasting friend Nick officiated the wedding ceremony.

Once the ceremony concluded cocktail hour commenced and Nick the photographer captured his photos of the happy couple with their friends and family. Afterwards myself and Nick took the newly weds for a stroll around the grounds of Leez Priory to capture newlywed shots. We managed to capture some cracking shots for their Leez Priory wedding video.

Sam & Nicole were fantastically natural, genuine laughs and real happiness shined throughout the stroll. Great for Leez Priory wedding videos!

An hour or so after the wedding ceremony family and friends began making their way out the main doors of the main house and towards the Coach House of Leez Priory.

Nicole’s dad, Joe kicked off speeches, followed on by Sam and his bestman, Rob.

Sam & Nicole chose to dance with their parents before their first dance together as husband and wife which was a lovely touch to an already great day. Sam and his mother danced to ‘You are my Sunshine’ by Johnny Cash. Nicole and her father danced to ‘Butterfly Kisses’ by Bob Carlisle. Afterwards Sam & Nicole danced to ‘How Would You Feel’ by Ed Sheeran.

The party soon kicked off with guests pouring onto the dance floor. Leez Priory wedding videos usually feature great dancing scenes due to the great dance floor which Leez Priory offers.

Many congratulations to Sam & Nicole on their truly wonderful wedding day. It is one I will always remember. I can’t wait to be back at the venue to produce more Leez Priory wedding videos in the future.

Watch their wedding film below:

Leez Priory – a wedding venue in Essex

If you are thinking of getting married in the Essex area, then I would recommend having a look at Leez Priory as a potential wedding venue. It is located just outside of Chelmsford. You can find them online at you can also contact them by 01245 362 555 or

Flowers: Springfield Florist

Hair: Brooke Painter

Makeup: Aleshea Park

Photobooth: Winnie the Vintage Caravan

Photographer: Nick Gunn Photography

Venue: Leez Priory

Videographer: Aaron Compton Videographer

Jimmy’s Farm Wedding Videos: August 2018

Jimmy’s Farm, located in Ipswich, Suffolk, proved to be an outstanding wedding venue for Chelsey and Scott. As a wedding videographer, I found that this location was a perfect choice for their big day. The weather was beautiful and everything ran smoothly. On this occasion, I was lucky to be working alongside my main second shooter Davy for the day. He helped me capture some beautiful wedding cinematography.

How did they meet? Chelsey and Scott met at Chelsey’s friend’s salon, within a few hours they were messaging each and it wasn’t long until the pair had fallen deeply in love. I was privileged to be their wedding videographer for the day and to be entrusted to create some beautiful wedding cinematography. Their wedding highlights video can be watched at the bottom of this page.

The following images below are screen grabs from their films, one including the moment everybody found out the gender of their soon to be born child!

A Jimmy’s Farm wedding has to feature a few farm yard animals here and there so I made sure that this Jimmy’s Farm wedding video did too. The peacocks were impeccably photogenic so I made sure to put them to good use for an opening shot.

An amazing moment unique to Chelsea and Scott’s wedding was that they revealed the gender of their expected child during the ceremony. Chelsea was six months pregnant at the time and after everyone counted down from 3, the couple walked through blue confetti revealing to us that they were expecting a son. This moment made their wedding cinematography even more unique and it has been one of my favorite moments working as a wedding videographer.

Their wedding cake was honestly the coolest and most creative wedding cake I am yet to see! Designed and made by Chelsey’s sister from Sugar Stem. If you are interested in having a cake like Chelsey & Scott’s you’ll find Sugar Stem’s website at the bottom of this post.

Chelsey and Scott chose to incorporate ‘Guest Messages’ into their wedding videography package. This is private for just Chelsey & Scott and they will distribute this at their own discretion.

Congratulations Chelsey & Scott! I look forward to seeing you celebrate the birth of your child very soon!

Watch their wedding film below:


Jimmy’s Farm – a wedding venue in Suffolk

If you are thinking of getting married in the Suffolk area, then I would recommend having a look at Jimmy’s farm as a potential wedding venue. It is located just outside of Ipswich and you can find them online at You can also contact them at +44 (0)1473 604 206 or

Cake: Sugar Stem

Celebrant: M Taylor Celebrant

Flowers: Sugar Stem

Hair: Hair227

Makeup: Leanne Marie Makeup & Beauty

Orchestra: Oakwood String Quartet

Photography: Helen Elliott Photography

Venue: Jimmy’s Farm

Videography: Aaron Compton Videographer

Horsley Towers Wedding Videos: July 2018

When I first received a wedding videography enquiry from Anna & Gareth I was very excited with the prospect of adding wedding videos at Horsley Towers to my portfolio. Hidden within Surrey lays the beautiful Horsley Towers, also known as the De Vere Horsley Estate which is located near Guildford. It is one of the most beautiful and most elegant venues where I have produced a wedding video. Anna and Gareth chose to say ‘I do’ to one and other at this stunning venue which consists of beautiful countryside settings, a secret chapel as well as beautiful tiled cloisters. One cannot forget to mention the lake which also provides for a stunning backdrop with the mansion.

We left Essex early morning and arrived on site at around 9:30am leaving plenty of time for capturing those beautiful establishing shots and morning bridal/groom preparation shots, we managed to squeeze in a card reading for the video which worked wonders. Two readings took place during the wedding ceremony – it’s always great to incorporate these into the wedding video, especially ones with a lot of character! Once the formalities were over cocktail hour commenced.

After the happy couple had a few drinks we began exploring the grounds of Horsley Towers making use of the lake, the secret chapel and the outstanding backdrop of the 19th century mansion.

The speeches took place afterwards, lovely words said by all and we also got to hear some lines from Anna’s mum which was great! Gareth also shared the story of how they met and a few of his favorite memories. Once the speeches concluded the evening guests arrived for the cake cutting and the first dance. Firstly, what an amazing cake and secondly, what an awesome first dance! It was clear to all how much time and effort they had both put into rehearsing their routine. Nice work guys.

Congratulations Anna & Gareth. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture the beauty of your wedding day and Horsley Towers!

Watch their wedding film below:

Photography: Brighton Wedding Photography
Venue: Horsley Towers
Videography: Aaron Compton Videographer

The Old Parish Rooms Wedding Videos: May 2018

Wedding videos at The Old Parish Rooms in Rayleigh are such a delight to film! A very small and compact venue which is bursting with character! It is a quirky and unique venue situated in Essex. As we can with Cassie & Andrew’s film.

The day started with both bridal and groom preparations in Basildon. After spending an hour with both Cassie & Andrew me and my second shooter Darren made our way to the church to capture some establishing shots. Filming a wedding in a church almost always provides us with nice lighting conditions which is great, this wedding was no exception.

Once the formalities of the ceremony were over and both Cassie & Andrew were declared as husband & wife we captured a fantastic confetti shot. Soon after their guests began to chill out over a drink or two. Cassie & Andrew’s cockapoo called Boycie arrived wearing a cravat which matched the groomsmen, naturally, we had to get some shots of him with Cassie & Andrew! Anyone who knows me well knows I love dogs, especially Cockapoos seeing as I own one myself! I made sure to capture some shots of Boycie looking dapper in his cravat.

Afterwards Joe Kinerman the official photographer and I captured some more shots of the newlyweds at King George’s Park. Once we had finished at the park we then went back to the church to capture some additional shots of the newlyweds.

Before we knew it, it was time to capture the cake cutting and first dance however before that, I filmed some guest messages from Cassie & Andrew’s closest of friends and family just outside next to the church during golden hour. I had just finished the last message when a sprinkle of rain came down, though that didn’t bother me as the equipment was safe and dry, it was very refreshing! After the cake cutting, we went straight into the first dance where a local band performed their first dance song. The band were fantastic and really got the party going!

Congratulations once again Cassie & Andrew, it was a pleasure to be your wedding videographer! I can’t wait to shoot more wedding videos at The Old Parish Rooms in the future.

Watch their wedding film below:

Band: Wandering Wings
Car: Simon @ Beatle Pops
Flowers: Delicate Daisy
Hair: Sam Unwin
Makeup: Jamie Attfield
Photography: Joe Kinerman Photography
Venue: The Old Parish Rooms
Videography: Aaron Compton Videographer